The Staffordshire shepherdess

Jean hung her handbag on the back of the chair and sat down at the kitchen table. She clasped her hands neatly in front of her. ‘Mum, Sonia rang me yesterday. She’s worried about you.’ Maggie smiled at her daughter. ‘Don’t worry about her dear. She’s just a busybody.’ ‘This is serious Mum.’ Maggie sighed, … Continue reading The Staffordshire shepherdess


She gazes down from on high, an eastern potentate surveying her domain. Her eyes are yellow lamps slowly shuttered against the sun. Her body gently quivers as she rumbles her contentment. We her unworthy handmaids and slaves offer morsels for her delectation. She deigns to notice us and slowly rises leaping supple as a dancer … Continue reading Xena