Elizabethan Resources – Women’s Lives


Continuing my list of sources used in researching the background from my novel, Forsaking All Others, to be released as an ebook at the end of 2017.

Hoby, Lady Margaret The private life of an Elizabethan lady. The diary of Lady Margaret Hoby 1599-1605 (Ed. Joanna Moody) Stroud : Sutton Publishing, 1998.

Sharp, Jane The midwives book or the whole art of midwifery discovered 1671 (Ed. Elaine Hobby) Oxford : OUP, 1999.

Beer, Anna My just desire : the life of Bess Ralegh, wife to Sir Walter New York : Ballantine Books, 2003

Betcherman, Lita-Rose Court Lady and country wife. Two noble sisters in seventeenth-century England New York : William Morrow 2005.

Camden, Caroll The Elizabethan woman Marmoneck, NewYork : P. P. Appel, 1975.

Eales, Jacqueline Women in early modern England UCL Press, 1998

Erickson, Amy Women and property in Early Modern England Routledge, 1993

Freedman, Sylvia Poor Penelope : Lady Penelope Rich, an Elizabethan woman Abbostbrook : Kensal Press, c1983.

Goldberg, P. J. P. (ed.) Women In England c.1275-1525  Manchester : Manchester University Press, 1995.

Hogrefe, Pearl Tudor women : Commoners and queens Ames : Iowa State University Press, 1975.

Hubbard, Kate A material girl : Bess of Hardwick, 1527-1608 London : Short, 2001.

Lovell, Mary S Bess of Hardwick. First Lady of Chatsworth 1527-1608 London : Abacus, 2005.

Pollock, Linda With faith and physic. The life of a Tudor gentlewoman Lady Grace Mildmay 1552-1620 London : Collins & Brown, 1993.

Prior, Mary (ed.) Women in English society, 1500-1800 London ; New York : Methuen, 1985.

Wall, Alison D. (ed.) Two Elizabethan women : correspondence of Joan and Maria Thynne, 1575-1611 Devizes : Wiltshire Record Society, 1983.
Image: Portrait of an Unknown Lady 1596 Attributed to Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger – 4AFJkR9rZhhmUA at Google Cultural Institute, zoom level maximum Tate Images (http://www.tate-images.com/results.asp?image=T07699&wwwflag=3&imagepos=5), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=13466083

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