the coven


I have been blogging for nearly two years now, twice a week over the last twelve months. Although I thoroughly enjoy it, I doubt that I will be able to manage to be so productive over the next  couple of months as I will be busy making final edits and formatting my novel Forsaking All Other for publication, initially as an ebook. I hope to continue with my book reviews but I may not manage posts on other topics. I will occasionally repost some of my early items as these might have been missed by newcomers to this blog.

the coven was my first post and a poem that I am still quite proud of. I wrote it around fifteen years ago as a response to a particularly nasty experience of schoolyard gossip involving the mothers! It is my first published poem and also won the Joan Johnson Poetry Award (Tuggerah FAW) for free verse in December 2005. The Award included an engraved trophy, and not being a particularly sporty type, I am inordinately proud of my single trophy.

You can read the poem here.

Coven trophy

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