one more city sight tourists light hearted bathed in sunshine enter through the shadowed gate heavy footsteps echo along empty corridors doors clang shut on life narrowing prison cells warming sunlight struggles defeated by barred windows thick basalt walls gaunt despair lingers whispering unheard beneath the chatter of plum-cheeked sightseers ____________________________________________________ Image of Old Melbourne … Continue reading immured


winter garden gnarled branches stripped of leaves aged fingers grasping at the sky southerly wind cutting through the grass winter’s chilling breath new turned soil beneath the sheltering trees sodden blankets heaped on dormant seeds harsh call of the circling raven echoing through the cold bright sky green shoots of hyacinths and blue bells outriders … Continue reading winter

sunday tea

howling wind rattles at the door icy rain slashes against the windows beneath the blazing globe the black stove radiates heat blasting cold from every corner warm kitchen air thick with soup barley and beef slow cooked to melting bread fresh toasted butter soaked crisply ironed tablecloth white bowls plates bone-handled cutlery in the centre … Continue reading sunday tea