I am an Australian writer of historical fiction with a touch of romance. My stories weave fictional characters into the gaps within the historical record – tales of ordinary people who are very much men and women of their time, yet in so many ways are like us today. These are people with the same hopes and longings as we have to find both love and their own place in a troubled world.

I live in Melbourne, Australia but grew up in Ballarat, a large regional city steeped in history. Until recently I worked as a customer service librarian at my local library. I have a Master of Arts in history and am also an obsessive genealogist. When I am not writing, reading and researching, I enjoy gardening, the cinema and music of all sorts from early music and classical to folk and country & western. And, not least, taking photos of the family cat to post on Instagram.

Since publishing Forsaking All Other in 2018, I have taken part in a few interviews where I discuss not only my novels but also my approach to writing, and books and reading in general – these can be found here.