More than just written words?

Yesterday was National Handwriting Day in a number of countries and wonderful images of pages handwritten by various people from the past were floating around the internet.  One was the the draft of a speech given by Elizabeth I to Parliament on 10 April 1563 responding to a House of Lords petition urging her to … Continue reading More than just written words?

In My Garden – Birds (Native and Otherwise)

I live near the middle of a city covering an area of nearly 10,000 km2  of suburban sprawl, asphalt roads and footpaths - in the tatty northern suburbs of Melbourne, 200 metres from Bell Street, a major traffic sewer. Yet despite the concrete, asphalt  and spindly street trees, nature still makes her presence felt. You … Continue reading In My Garden – Birds (Native and Otherwise)

One Minute Book Review – The Secret Library by Oliver Tearle

The Secret Library: A Book-Lovers’ Journey Through Curiosities of History is a delightful collection of books and related facts covering around 3,000 years. The books mentioned are not only literature and notable works but lesser known books in a range of areas. The ninety-nine books selected also tell something of the age that produced them. … Continue reading One Minute Book Review – The Secret Library by Oliver Tearle

Words, Proverbs and Meanings

The meanings of words change over time. Awful began as a shortening for 'full of awe', in other words, inspiring wonder or fear. It has mutated to now be a tired word for something unpleasant. Although changing, on occasions a word will retain something of its original meaning. Elope was first used to described a … Continue reading Words, Proverbs and Meanings

A Favourite Quote – Samuel Pepys

Sunday 18 August 1667 ‘...turned into St. Dunstan’s Church, where I heard an able sermon of the minister of the place; and stood by a pretty, modest maid, whom I did labour to take by the hand and the body; but she would not, but got further and further from me; and, at last, I … Continue reading A Favourite Quote – Samuel Pepys

A Favourite Quote – G. B. Shaw (or someone)

'I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.' As well as George Bernard Shaw, this delightful quotation has variously been attributed to Oscar Wilde, Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain to name a few but not to Martin Luther, John Milton or (Heaven forfend) William … Continue reading A Favourite Quote – G. B. Shaw (or someone)

We Will Remember Them

We are now over two years into our commemoration of the centenary of the Great War. Overwhelmingly people have approached these commemorations with an attitude of solemnity. Whether for wreath laying ceremonies or visits to war memorials or to museums, thoughts are primarily on those who were lost. Going through newspapers over the 50 years … Continue reading We Will Remember Them

In My Garden – Marmalade bush

The Marmalade Bush (Streptosolen jamesonii) is a bright, long flowering evergreen. A South American plant (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru), it does very well in temperate areas of Australia. Its blooms are loose clusters of small flared trumpet shaped flowers which range in colour from yellow to bright orange, the colour deepening as the flower matures. While … Continue reading In My Garden – Marmalade bush