Cold Blows the Wind – my newest novel

Well here it is, my latest novel—published last Thursday—Yay! Unlike my previous two novels which were set in the Elizabethan period and peopled by fictional characters, Cold Blows the Wind begins in Hobart Town, Tasmania in 1878 and follows a period in the lives of my paternal great-great grandparents Sarah Ellen Thompson and Henry Watkins … Continue reading Cold Blows the Wind – my newest novel

The Story Behind the Story

I was recently interviewed by Allan Hudson on his South Branch Scribbler website. Allan is a talented Canadian author who writes across several genres including of historical fiction, crime and thrillers. He is also extremely generous in his support for other writers. In the interview I discuss what inspired me to write my forthcoming novel, … Continue reading The Story Behind the Story


Well, I have finally done it. Last week I published my novel Forsaking All Other both as a paperback and an ebook. An historical novel with romantic elements, it is set in England in the mid-1580s and tells the story of a young woman's struggle to avoid an arranged marriage at a time when duty … Continue reading Yay!

Forsaking All Other Love is no game for women; the price is far too high. England 1585. Bess Stoughton, waiting woman to the well-connected Lady Allingbourne, has discovered that her father is arranging for her to marry an elderly neighbour. Normally obedient Bess rebels and wrests from her father a year’s grace to find a … Continue reading