late autumn

life-drained leaves carpet damp earth branches stark against slate sky chill wind scythes through wilted grass curlew cry rends the silence lamenting the sun's retreat _____________________________________________ Image courtesy of Pixabay Text ©Catherine Meyrick. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts … Continue reading late autumn


mother daughter grandchild sister neighbour   aunt wife  and  friend sempstress tutor cleaner  gardener storyteller    cook protector     guide do this come here do that     don't go quickly       please hold      me    tight life    sliced diced     cut and  cubed minutes  march in   hours   days weeks    months year   by     year life's     facets cubes  blocks and polygons in … Continue reading Cubism

morning swimmer

shimmering bubbles spirals of withheld breath curving fingers slide through silken water flickering feet the flash of mermaid’s tail dreaming swimmer gliding sleek and weightless as below the surface muted time slows and early light refracts in dancing waves _________________________________________________ Image courtesy of Pixabay Text ©Catherine Meyrick. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without … Continue reading morning swimmer

A job for life

Re-posting one of my early poems as I am still struggling with final edits and formatting of my novel. 'A job for life' was intended as a performance piece but is possibly a bit too long. It was fun to write and, hopefully, still fun to read. You can read it here.

Early Morning at Coburg Lake

Still, icy air. Grey clouds, brushed pink. Soft footfalls on gravel path. Silence swallowing magpie carols. Wagtail scratching in damp earth beneath the dew-washed canna. Duck, swamphen, lapwing pecking in the grass, backs to the polished surface of the lake. Stillness cracks with the chattering flight of lorikeets, the ragged breath of the early runner … Continue reading Early Morning at Coburg Lake

Go Tiges! A villanelle O come and hear the mighty Tigers roar. This is our year – a finals’ spot we seek. See Dusty, Riewoldt, Cotch and Rioli soar. Our breathing stops, we see our winning score, We show them all that Richmond is not meek. O come and hear the mighty Tigers roar, For Hardwick … Continue reading Go Tiges! A villanelle


one more city sight tourists light hearted bathed in sunshine enter through the shadowed gate heavy footsteps echo along empty corridors doors clang shut on life narrowing prison cells warming sunlight struggles defeated by barred windows thick basalt walls gaunt despair lingers whispering unheard beneath the chatter of plum-cheeked sightseers ____________________________________________________ Image of Old Melbourne … Continue reading immured