In My Garden – Birds (Native and Otherwise)

I live near the middle of a city covering an area of nearly 10,000 km2  of suburban sprawl, asphalt roads and footpaths - in the tatty northern suburbs of Melbourne, 200 metres from Bell Street, a major traffic sewer. Yet despite the concrete, asphalt  and spindly street trees, nature still makes her presence felt. You … Continue reading In My Garden – Birds (Native and Otherwise)

Early Morning at Coburg Lake

Still, icy air. Grey clouds, brushed pink. Soft footfalls on gravel path. Silence swallowing magpie carols. Wagtail scratching in damp earth beneath the dew-washed canna. Duck, swamphen, lapwing pecking in the grass, backs to the polished surface of the lake. Stillness cracks with the chattering flight of lorikeets, the ragged breath of the early runner … Continue reading Early Morning at Coburg Lake