Steampunk Cleopatra by Thaddeus Thomas

Today I’m delighted to be sharing an excerpt from Thaddeus Thomas’s recently released novel Steampunk Cleopatra as part of a blog tour hosted by The Coffee Pot Book Club. Amani watched Berenice study the workings of the statue, which marked the passing time. The mechanics of the clock were hidden outside the palace, but she … Continue reading Steampunk Cleopatra by Thaddeus Thomas

Random Reading – May 2021

How young couples managed to meet before the advent of social media Rustic Courtship Love island: the love lives of our 19th century ancestorsby Dr Marion McGarryIn recent years, apps have increasingly facilitated online dating, Indeed, thanks to Covid-19, these have become the only way for single people to link up with potential partners. Covid … Continue reading Random Reading – May 2021

Book Review- Soldier of Fate by Brook Allen

Brook Allen’s Antonius trilogy follows the life of Marcus Antonius from his beginnings as the son of a man disgraced by failure through to the military commander and lover of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, tracing his exploits as a military leader and his family relationships. The first, Son of Rome, concentrates on the period from the death … Continue reading Book Review- Soldier of Fate by Brook Allen