One Minute Book Review – Nelly Dean by Alison Case


A retelling of Wuthering Heights, once again from the point of view of the housekeeper, Nelly Dean. This time Nelly relates those elements that she withheld in the original story. The characters in Case’s story retain the personalities of the original but Nelly Dean attempts to explain their motivations and to provide hidden meaning to what are plain explanations in the original. The prose is easy to read with only necessary hits of Yorkshire idiom and only one obvious Americanism that I noticed. Alison Case is an American academic specializing in 19th century literature. My only concern is that knowledge of the original story is assumed and I am uncertain how completely the story would be understood by someone who had not read Wuthering Heights.

Having read Nelly Dean, though, Wuthering Heights has leapt to the top of my to be re-read pile.

A detailed review can be found here.


4 thoughts on “One Minute Book Review – Nelly Dean by Alison Case

  1. This sounds like a cool perspective for a retelling! Although Nelly already does a lot of the telling in Wuthering Heights. Also, that book is one of my absolute favorites! If/when you read it, I hope you enjoy!

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    • I read originally read Wuthering Heights at secondary school. I have always been troubled by the Heathcliff and Isabella relationship. It will be interesting to see if my views have changed this time round. ‘Nelly Dean’ is definitely worth reading but if Wuthering Heights is a favourite you may not be completely happy with the way Alison Case has enlarged the story.

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