It’s My Book’s Birthday!

FAO Awarded 2018

A year ago today I published Forsaking All Other, an Elizabethan love story set against the war in the Netherlands abroad and Catholic plots at home. Forsaking All Other has been almost continuously in the top 50 bestsellers in Amazon’s Tudor Historical Romance Category for the last eight months – and for a brief shining moment even made it to number 4.

Thank you to all the wonderful readers who have bought it, read it, enjoyed it or reviewed it. You have made it an amazing year.

‘If I were a man, if I had your freedom, I would do exactly as I pleased. I would never accept a bride who had been bundled up for me by my mother.’

4 thoughts on “It’s My Book’s Birthday!

  1. I just found your book and was riveted to the story loving every bit of the reading. Can’t wait to read your next one! I think it is a hidden gem myself.
    Great work.

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    • Thank you, it makes me so happy to hear that you enjoyed it. I am hoping to publish the next book in March 2020. It is set around the same time but with a different set of characters. I am hoping people will come to love them as much as Bess and Edmund.


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