The Bridled Tongue – Some Background

Usually there are years of research over a wide range of topics involved with any historical novel. Although much of it is, thankfully, not described explicitly in the novel, it all helps to plausibly reconstruct the world as it was. I have drawn together here a number of the blog posts I have written on some of the background to The Bridled Tongue.


Following the release of The Bridled Tongue, I took part in a couple of written interviews touching on the inspiration for the novel, research activities, the position of women, marriage and even some reading suggestions.
Let Them Read Books
Jathan & Heather
Pam Lecky – A Conversation

Blog posts

Elizabethan Norwich
This is a collection of photographs of some of the Elizabethan buildings still surviving in Norwich. They were taken on a trip to Norwich in 2016.

Norwich Castle
A very brief history of Norwich Castle and the problems I faced trying to imagine the layout of its prisons in the absence of any detailed historical description.

Witchcraft Trials
The legal process followed once a person had been accused of witchcraft in Early Modern England.

Women’s Lives
This is a continuing series on aspects of women’s lives common to most Early Modern women and, in particular, on women who have left behind writings that allow us to glimpse their daily lives.

The Making of Marriages
This is a series of posts detailing the steps taken from the point when a young man decided he wanted to marry through to the wedding service and the celebrations that followed.

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