Early Modern Women – Elizabeth Paston (1429-1488)

I have been fascinated by the 15th and 16th centuries since I studied Early Modern British history in my first year at university. In my reading over the ensuing years I have caught sight of people who had no influence on the grand scheme of things yet they  brought history to life, reminding me vividly that … Continue reading Early Modern Women – Elizabeth Paston (1429-1488)


Quite some years ago I applied for a job cataloguing maps. The interview  was going well when one of the interviewers placed a map in front of me and asked me how I would catalogue it - it was a cadastral map overlaying a topographic map of an area of Melbourne in the 1880s. I … Continue reading Maps

Hobart 1879

Not strictly speaking a photograph but definitely almost photographic in its detail. This pictorial map of Hobart in 1879 by A.C. Cooke is an invaluable resource for researchers and writers. It gives an idea of the life of Hobart at the time - buildings that no longer exist such as the Campbell Street Gaol, unpopulated … Continue reading Hobart 1879