Random Reading – June to September 2021

More of the bits and pieces I've read while rambling around the internet over the past few months. It's not really time-wasting if you learn something, is it? From Dunluce Castle in Antrim to Caerlaverock Castle in Dumfries and Galloway Dunluce Castle Watch 6 Ruined British Castles Come Back to Lifeby Niall Patrick Walsh While … Continue reading Random Reading – June to September 2021

Short poetry

Free verse the sentinel stands guard her eyes searchlights seeking scurrying intruders her feline body silhouetted by the moon Couplet Discarded plastic bag floating in the river aimless, like a dead jellyfish. Quatrain The gusty wind tears at the ragged leaves, The roiling clouds are building in the west, The tousled birds huddle beneath the … Continue reading Short poetry


She gazes down from on high, an eastern potentate surveying her domain. Her eyes are yellow lamps slowly shuttered against the sun. Her body gently quivers as she rumbles her contentment. We her unworthy handmaids and slaves offer morsels for her delectation. She deigns to notice us and slowly rises leaping supple as a dancer … Continue reading Xena