In My Garden – Felis Domesticus

When all else fails – post cat pictures.

Over nearly forty years, we have had three of these plants in our yard. They are mobile plants and can be found not only in garden beds and pots but also are known to make their way up trees and to take over garden furniture. These plants can have lifespans of up to twenty years. They work equally well as indoor plants and thrive best, whether indoor our outdoor, if kept inside indoors during the hours of darkness. The Felis Domesticus plant requires daily watering and feeding and can be quite fussy in what it deigns to eat.

The Baroness Dustini von Cattenbacker (2017- )

Dusty – deep in thought.

Named by committee, and better know as Dusty, this plant was born in a shelter and, quite possibly, is the descendant of several generations of Felis platea. She sometime has difficulty remembering that she is not a human.

Xena Warrior Bat Cat (1997-2016)

Xena – revealing her dark side.

Named by young children with a liking for a certain television program, she mellowed as she aged. As a young plant, she was fiercely territorial and capable of seeing off intruders both feline and canine especially while human backup was present.

Stoolie (1983-1997)

Stoolie – thoughtful and elegant.

Origin of name best kept veiled. An affectionate plant who would not let humans sit for more than a few seconds without she invaded their laps.

Works well indoors.

Entwines around trees.

Perfect as pot plants.

Can move from ground cover to trailing over fences.

Makes beautiful floral displays.

Capable of relaxation in any environment.

Writing with company.

I have been drowning in revision for my next novel over the past couple of months and I have posted very little of my own recently. I hope this goes some way to filling the gap.

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