My Reading – July 2021

The Playmaker by Thomas Keneally
He began hearing for the parts in the play early in April, the day after the hanging of private Handy Baker and the five other Marines.

A Keeper by Graham Norton
He longed for silence. The roar of the wind churned with the rasping rhythm of the waves and filled his head.

The Shortest Day by Colm Tóibín
Professor O’Kelly moved a pile of books from his desk onto the floor so that he would have space for his large notebook.

The Flight of the Heron by DK Broster
The sun had been up for a couple of hours, and now, by six o’clock, there was scarcely a cloud in the sky; even the peaked summit of Ben Tee, away to the north-east, had no more than the faintest veil floating over it.

2 thoughts on “My Reading – July 2021

    • A rare month where I have achieved what used to be my goal – a book a week (partly because the Colm Tóibín book is really a short story). I have moved away from things like GoodReads challenges where the number of books read seems more important than the pleasure of reading and am now taking as long as a book needs. Rushing from book to book you can miss that wonderful experience in the time after finishing a book where the characters live on in your mind and you realize that there was more to the story than what was written on the page.


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