My Reading – August 2021

A Just Equinox by James McQueenSick, sick...This terrible aversion, revulsion ... but the compelling need to take enough to stop the sickness the numb tingling shaking deathliness creeping rising up taking hold... The Work of Art by Mimi MatthewsCaptain Arthur Heywood had never seen such an ill-mannered assortment of canines in his life. Workhouse Waif … Continue reading My Reading – August 2021

My Reading – June 2021

The Course of All Treasons by Suzanne M Wolfe 'Satan's pizzle!' Simon Winchelsea cursed as he sank ankle-deep in the revolting effluent running like a river down the center of the street. Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood The house lights dim. The audience quiets. The Dream Weavers by Barbara Erskine 'Elise!' There she was again. Wretched … Continue reading My Reading – June 2021

Random Reading – May 2021

How young couples managed to meet before the advent of social media Rustic Courtship Love island: the love lives of our 19th century ancestorsby Dr Marion McGarryIn recent years, apps have increasingly facilitated online dating, Indeed, thanks to Covid-19, these have become the only way for single people to link up with potential partners. Covid … Continue reading Random Reading – May 2021

My Reading – May 2021

The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata MasseyOn the morning Perveen saw the stranger, they'd almost collided. Deep South: Stories from Tasmania edited by by Ralph Crane and Danielle WoodHe had never heard of the ‘enthusiasm of humanity’—the expression was not in fashion in his day, and, if it had been, I doubt whether he … Continue reading My Reading – May 2021

My Reading – April 2021

Rooted : an Australian History of Bad Language by Amanda LaugesenIn 1821, the Reverend Robert Cartwright, an Anglican minister who had arrived in Sydney in 1810, provided testimony to the Bigge Commission, which was investigating how effective transportation was in deterring crime. The Crow Trap by Ann CleevesIf you were looking for Baikie's Cottage on … Continue reading My Reading – April 2021