My Reading – November 2018

Graveyard Clay (Cré na Cille) by Máirtín Ó Cadhain. Translated by by Liam Mac Con Iomaire and Tim Robinson I wonder am I buried in the Pound Plot or the Fifteen-Shilling Plot? Or did the devil possess them to dump me in the Half-Guinea Plot, after all my warnings? The Cry by Helen Fitzgerald It … Continue reading My Reading – November 2018

My Reading – October 2018

The Watchers. A Secret History of the Reign of Elizabeth I by Stephen Alford The Spanish ambassador came to St. James's Palace in Westminster on 9 November 1558, a Wednesday, in time for dinner. The Lady of the Tower by Elizabeth St John Her slap shocked me, for until now she dared not strike where … Continue reading My Reading – October 2018

My Reading – September 2018

The Beaufort Bride by Judith Arnopp It is a wild night. Outside the trees are blackened by rain. Blood and Beauty by Sarah Dunant Dawn is a pale bruise rising in the night sky when, from inside the palace, a window is flung open and a face appears, its features distorted by the firelight thrown … Continue reading My Reading – September 2018

My Reading – July 2018

Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan They'd driven all the way to Mr Styles's house before Anna realized that her father was nervous. The Women in Black by Madeleine St John At the end of a hot November day Miss Baines and Mrs Williams of the Ladies' Frocks Department at Goode's were complaining to each other … Continue reading My Reading – July 2018

Reviews of Forsaking All Other

Recent reviews of Forsaking All Other. L S Young 'A believable glimpse into the lives of every day people in the 16th century.' Rosanne E Lortz 'I recommend Forsaking All Other for anyone brave enough to step off the beaten path in the Tudor/Elizabethan world of stories. You won’t regret it.' The Borgia Bull 'It’s … Continue reading Reviews of Forsaking All Other