My Reading – July 2022

An Independent Heart by Elizabeth Grant Snow melted on the horses' necks and tangled their manes with glistening icicles. My Brother Jack by George Johnson My brother Jack does not come into the story straight away. Nobody ever does, of course, because a person doesn’t begin to exist without parents and an environment and legendary … Continue reading My Reading – July 2022

My Reading – March 2022

Vandemonians, the repressed history of colonial Victoria by Janet McCalman‘Me name’s Miles; Ellen Miles,’ remarked an old woman at the City Court yesterday. Spinning Tops and Gumdrops, a portrait of colonial childhood by Edwin BarnardThis book tells the story of the six generations of children, the offspring and descendants of convicts and settlers who grew … Continue reading My Reading – March 2022

My Reading – February 2022

These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer A gentleman was strolling down a side street in Paris, on his way back from the house of one Madame de Verchoureux. He walked mincingly, for the red heels of his shoes were very high. Saturdee by Norman Lindsay 'Pet-er!' called a voice, in that rising inflection which commands … Continue reading My Reading – February 2022

My Reading – December 2021

Hell Ship: The True Story of the Plague Ship Triconderoga, One of the Most Calamitous Voyages in Australia's History by Michael VeitchThere is only one known image of my great-great-grandfather, Dr James William Henry Veitch. The Imitator by Rebecca StarfordEvelyn spotted Stephen across the busy road. A Royal Affair by Alison Montclair'Men find me intimidating,' … Continue reading My Reading – December 2021