In My Garden – Birds (Native and Otherwise)

I live near the middle of a city covering an area of nearly 10,000 km2  of suburban sprawl, asphalt roads and footpaths - in the tatty northern suburbs of Melbourne, 200 metres from Bell Street, a major traffic sewer. Yet despite the concrete, asphalt  and spindly street trees, nature still makes her presence felt. You … Continue reading In My Garden – Birds (Native and Otherwise)

In My Garden – Moss Rose

The Moss Rose (Portulaca grandiflora) is a small and fast-growing annual. Originally native to Argentina, southern Brazil, and Uruguay, it is also found across South and South East Asia. It has a variety of names from Rock and Sun Rose to Time Flower (time fuul in Bangladesh) and Nine, Ten or Twelve O’Clock Flower (nau … Continue reading In My Garden – Moss Rose

In My Garden – Pittosporum tenuifolium James Stirling

Pittosporum is an evergreen flowering plant found across Australasia, Oceania, eastern Asia and some parts of Africa. Some species are no more than shrubs while others grow into trees of up to 12 metres in height. The leaves spiral around slender woody branchlets and are oval in shape, often with a waved margin.  The flowers … Continue reading In My Garden – Pittosporum tenuifolium James Stirling

In My Garden (Almost) – The Aspidistra

Gardening sources describe the aspidistra as a flowering perennial plant; however, for most people it is a leafy pot plant that can survive in dark corners of either the house or the garden. The aspidistra is native to eastern and southeastern Asia where it grows in the shade under trees and shrubs. There are over … Continue reading In My Garden (Almost) – The Aspidistra

In My Garden – Crepe Myrtle

The crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) is a hardy multi-stemmed deciduous tree, native to eastern Asia. It is well suited to most parts of Australia as, once established, it is drought tolerant. It can grow up to 8 metres in height, will thrive despite brutal pruning, and provides a distinctive display through most of the year. … Continue reading In My Garden – Crepe Myrtle

In My Garden – Marmalade bush

The Marmalade Bush (Streptosolen jamesonii) is a bright, long flowering evergreen. A South American plant (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru), it does very well in temperate areas of Australia. Its blooms are loose clusters of small flared trumpet shaped flowers which range in colour from yellow to bright orange, the colour deepening as the flower matures. While … Continue reading In My Garden – Marmalade bush

In My Garden – Aquilegia

Aquilegia, also known as Columbine and Granny's Bonnet, is a perennial which flowers in spring. The blooms are striking - a spurred bell-shaped flower made up of five petals that spread out from the base surrounding five larger sepals. The petals and sepals are often of different colours and the blooms overall range in colour … Continue reading In My Garden – Aquilegia