In My Garden – Crepe Myrtle

The crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) is a hardy multi-stemmed deciduous tree, native to eastern Asia. It is well suited to most parts of Australia as, once established, it is drought tolerant. It can grow up to 8 metres in height, will thrive despite brutal pruning, and provides a distinctive display through most of the year. … Continue reading In My Garden – Crepe Myrtle

In My Garden – Marmalade bush

The Marmalade Bush (Streptosolen jamesonii) is a bright, long flowering evergreen. A South American plant (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru), it does very well in temperate areas of Australia. Its blooms are loose clusters of small flared trumpet shaped flowers which range in colour from yellow to bright orange, the colour deepening as the flower matures. While … Continue reading In My Garden – Marmalade bush

In My Garden – Aquilegia

Aquilegia, also known as Columbine and Granny's Bonnet, is a perennial which flowers in spring. The blooms are striking - a spurred bell-shaped flower made up of five petals that spread out from the base surrounding five larger sepals. The petals and sepals are often of different colours and the blooms overall range in colour … Continue reading In My Garden – Aquilegia

In My Garden – Cistus

Cistus or rock rose is an extremely hardy evergreen shrub which requires minimal care and can stand full sunlight in summer. It blooms through spring and summer with open single flowers that last for no more than a day. The fallen blooms are quickly replaced by newly opened flowers. The shrubs require only light pruning … Continue reading In My Garden – Cistus

In My Garden – Dr Clifford Parks

Dr Clifford Parks is my pride and joy - a camellia reticulata with  showy deep red informal double blooms. I planted it in mid-1992 as a spindly little specimen from the local nursery. It now is over eight foot high  with blooms between 5 and 6 inches in diameter; the leaves are dark green. It … Continue reading In My Garden – Dr Clifford Parks

In My Garden – Dendrobium delicatum

Spring has certainly arrived in my part of the southern hemisphere (glorious one day, high winds and torrential rain the next) and gardens are well and truly in full bloom. Over the next few weeks I will share some of the plants in flower in my garden. Mine is a small suburban garden with a … Continue reading In My Garden – Dendrobium delicatum