In My Garden – Dendrobium delicatum


Spring has certainly arrived in my part of the southern hemisphere (glorious one day, high winds and torrential rain the next) and gardens are well and truly in full bloom. Over the next few weeks I will share some of the plants in flower in my garden.

Mine is a small suburban garden with a patch of lawn, several trees including a lemon tree, a variety of mainly non-native plants and my favourite of all domestic appliances – the hills hoist. My grandmother was the first person I learnt anything about gardening from and I have taken on her approach which was stick it in the ground and see what happens – no planning, just a floral lucky dip. Her garden was at the front of the house and would these days be described as a cottage garden, although their house was not a cottage just a small turn of the 20th century weatherboard . 61queenstreet

One plant now in full bloom in my garden is Dendrobium delicatum. It is a species of native orchid with small white flowers, pink tinged with a delicate scent. The pot is in dappled shade and appears to be thriving despite my usual regime of benign neglect.


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