In My Garden – Cistus


Cistus or rock rose is an extremely hardy evergreen shrub which requires minimal care and can stand full sunlight in summer. Originally from the Mediterranean area, it blooms through spring and summer with open single flowers that last for no more than a day. The fallen blooms are quickly replaced by newly opened flowers. The shrubs require only light pruning and the wood, when cut, has a pleasant aromatic scent.

I have two bushes in my garden. Cistus purpureus is a showy pink with yellow stamens and dark blotches at the base of the petals. This was planted about fifteen years ago and now stands at around 6’6” high.


The more modest Cistus salviifolius ‘Prostratus’ or Sage leaf rock rose is only three foot high but is about four foot across. It has small white flowers with yellow stamens and has been  in bloom for about a month now with plenty more blooms to come. It is also known as the Gallipoli rose. It grows wild on the Gallipoli peninsula and it is believed that soldiers returning from Word War 1 brought seeds home with them. It was the first commemorative plant chosen by the Australian War Memorial.



Although I do nothing other than water these plants a couple of times a week through the summer months, they thrive.

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