One Minute Book Review – Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett


This, the 40th Discworld novel, chronicles the arrival of the locomotive in the Discworld. As would be expected, it is full of Terry Pratchett’s usual humour and insight into the human condition. Totally entertaining, it  touches lightly on themes such as industrialization, fundamentalism and even gender  without even a hint of preachyness. Old characters are there – Lord Vetinari, Sam Vimes and Most von Lipwig – as well as introducing the inventor of the locomotive, Dick Simnel, all alongside dwarves and gollums and goblins.  I have read that Terry Pratchett has been ‘accused’of writing. It would be wonderful if a number of would-be writers of ‘literature’ could write with such wit and mastery of narrative.

Detailed reviews are here and here.


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