One Minute Book Review – Come in Spinner by Dymphna Cusack and Florence James

Come in Spinner Originally published in 1951, Come in Spinner follows the lives of a group of women in Sydney over a period of eight days during the latter part of World War 2. Sydney is brought vividly to life – the ever present soldiers both local and American. The women’s lives and both the pressures and excitement of wartime relationships presented realistically. Their struggles  are contrasted with the cosseted clientele of  Hotel South Pacific where they work. An absorbing novel with a mixture of characters both likable and annoying, even minor characters are well drawn.

The book was originally published in an abridged form because it was considered too controversial, touching on the realities of life during wartime including abortion, adultery, prostitution and rape, and the black market. A complete edition of Come in Spinner was published in 1987 by Florence James, Dympna Cusack having died in 1981.

Slightly longer reviews here and here.


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