Reviews of Forsaking All Other

Forsaking All Other Facebook Cover

Recent reviews of Forsaking All Other.

Mary Anne Yarde ‘I think Meyrick has set a new standard of excellence. Forsaking All Other is certainly the best historical romance book I have read in this era. It is, without a doubt, a plot-driven page-turner of a book. ‘

The Borgia Bull ‘It’s been a good while since I stayed up late to finish reading a book but this one, I just couldn’t put down.’

Tales to Tide You Over ‘This is far from a simple story, and there were moments that made me fearful or brought me to tears.’

Impressions in InkForsaking All Other is endearing and memorable. The emphasis is a self-sacrificing and deep mature love, rather than a steamy story. It is one of the best historical fiction books I’ve read this year!’

Pursuing Stacie ‘This story was a treat from beginning to end, and one that you should buy for yourself and every other single human within your sphere of influence.’

Smart Bitches Trashy Books ‘…lovely prose, well-done weaving of historic elements, and satisfying love story…’

Oh, October blog ‘If you love a good romance and Elizabethan England, you will not be disappointed in this beautifully written novel.’

Donna’s Book Blog ‘I felt as though I was living at the same time as the characters.’

L S Young ‘A believable glimpse into the lives of every day people in the 16th century.’

Rosanne E Lortz ‘I recommend Forsaking All Other for anyone brave enough to step off the beaten path in the Tudor/Elizabethan world of stories. You won’t regret it.’

Quirky Lady Bookworm Reviews ‘You need to grab a copy for yourselves so you can read this; it’s a wonderful story.’

What Cathy Read Next ‘Forsaking All Other is an interesting, well-researched historical novel wrapped around a believable and touching love story.’

Jennifer C Wilson ‘I can highly recommend this to fans of the period, and of well-written historical fiction in general.’

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7 thoughts on “Reviews of Forsaking All Other

  1. I was given this book yesterday as a holiday read. I loved it and couldn’t put it down, in the end I had to, but got up early to see what was happening, I felt involved with the characters who were all so believable and well written, I loved the way real people of the time interacted seamlessly with the fictional characters. The author has obviously researched the era well and confirmed facts. I liked the notes at the end referencing sources for further information. Several years ago the Moreland Dynasty series by Cynthia Harrod Eagles was recommended to me and began my love of historical fiction, this book tells me of another good author to add to my list of favourites. I can’t wait for the next book.

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    • Thank you, Joy. I am so glad you enjoyed it but now you will have to find something else for the rest of the holidays!
      All being well, my next book will be out around September next year – new characters living in the years when England was under direct threat from the Spanish Armada.


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