An Interview with the Author!

Forsaking All Other Cover e

This is my first ‘real’ interview – Richard Lowe interviews me about Forsaking All Other and writing in general. It is part of his Author Talk series where he interviews a range of authors about their books and their approaches to writing.

Richard’s website Fiction Master Class also contains a wealth of material for people wishing to develop both the craft and business of writing.


5 thoughts on “An Interview with the Author!

  1. Really interesting interview, Catherine. Lovely to hear about your writing and inspirations, and very encouraging too to hear about your experience with AMS advertising. I have yet to be brave enough to put my toe in that particular ocean but your experience makes me think that perhaps I should at least try it!

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    • AMS is the only thing that has worked for me. I think it puts the book before people who are at the point of actually wanting to buy. You do need to constantly monitor it though to make sure you don’t have keywords that are costing but giving no return. There are lots of sites out there that you can get information on how to use it. Good luck.


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