The Story Behind the Story

I was recently interviewed by Allan Hudson on his South Branch Scribbler website. Allan is a talented Canadian author who writes across several genres including of historical fiction, crime and thrillers. He is also extremely generous in his support for other writers. In the interview I discuss what inspired me to write my forthcoming novel, … Continue reading The Story Behind the Story

Chat with Catherine Meyrick

This interview is from Lisette's Writer's Chateau where Lisette Brodey interviews fellow authors not only about their books and approaches to writing but life in general. Lisette is the author of ten novels and one short story collection. She writes in a range of genres from literary fiction, women's fiction and chick-lit to YA paranormal … Continue reading Chat with Catherine Meyrick

Meandering through Cyberspace in February 2020

The internet has dramatically enlarged our access to a wealth of information. Most days I spend some time online looking for items related to those things the interest me most - reading, writing and history. Without fail, every time, I find something new and interesting. So, here, I'd like to share a few of the … Continue reading Meandering through Cyberspace in February 2020

Book Review – Graveyard Clay (Cré na Cille) by Máirtín Ó Cadhain

Graveyard Clay (Cré na Cille) by Máirtín Ó Cadhain is set in a graveyard in the west of Ireland in the early 1940s and is a continuing dialogue between those buried there. These are not spirits waiting to be translated elsewhere but rather the coffin-bound corpses of the dead. They have brought with them into … Continue reading Book Review – Graveyard Clay (Cré na Cille) by Máirtín Ó Cadhain

An Interview with the Author!

This is my first 'real' interview - Richard Lowe interviews me about Forsaking All Other and writing in general. It is part of his Author Talk series where he interviews a range of authors about their books and their approaches to writing. Richard's website Fiction Master Class also contains a wealth of material for people … Continue reading An Interview with the Author!

Hilary Mantel’s Reith Lectures 2017

In the Reith Lectures this year Hilary Mantel discusses what is at the heart of good historical fiction, our relationship with the past, and the central elements in a historical novelist's attempt to bring the past alive for us today. As Mantel herself says 'The reason you must stick by the truth is that it … Continue reading Hilary Mantel’s Reith Lectures 2017

Book Review – A Writing Life: Helen Garner and her Work by Bernadette Brennan

Helen Garner is one of Australia's best loved writers. Her first novel Monkey Grip was published in 1977 and since then she has published further novels, short stories, full length non-fiction works, screenplays, as well as numerous essays, articles and newspaper columns. A Writing Life: Helen Garner and her Work (2017) by Bernadette Brennan is … Continue reading Book Review – A Writing Life: Helen Garner and her Work by Bernadette Brennan