My Reading – February 2019


The Western Wind by Samantha Harvey
Dust and ashes though I am, I sleep the sleep of angels.

How to Behave Badly in Renaissance Britain by Ruth Goodman
Welcome to a century of bad behaviour.

How To Be a Tudor: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Tudor Life by Ruth Goodman
Just before dawn the cockerels began their morning chorus and people clambered out of bed.

The Heir’s Tale by April Munday
Ancelin Montfort stiffened as he heard the sounds of a soldier taking his pleasure with a woman.

5 thoughts on “My Reading – February 2019

    • Both Goodman books were brilliant. She has such an enthusiastic conversational style – it was genuinely entertaining and informative especially because she has hands-on experience of so many facets of life in the past. I was particularly taken with the idea of slipping carded wool into your shoes and allowing it to felt itself to the sock as an easy way of mending socks that are wearing thin. I never had the patience to darn properly and the result was more uncomfortable than the original hole.

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        • I haven’t seen any but I see that the local library has the castle series so I will borrow it. I’ll look out for the others. I saw a lovely video clip the other day with Tony Robinson demonstrating how a fuller had to work. I knew dyers used urine but hadn’t realized it had other uses.

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