My Reading – November 2020

A Plague on Mr Pepys by Deborah Swift
Bess Bagwell clung to the seat as a wash of freezing river water sluiced over the side of the wherry. She had to shift fast, to avoid a drenching.

Expectation by Anna Hope
It is Saturday, which is market day. It is late spring, or early summer.

The King’s Mother by Judith Arnopp
I have been here before. It is just two years since I bore the train of Anne Neville as she followed her husband to his stolen throne.

Weave a Web of Witchcraft by Jean M Roberts
Hugh stood at the summit of Trimont in Boston. His chest hurt as he struggled to catch his breath.

3 thoughts on “My Reading – November 2020

    • The main character is one of Pepys’ mistresses, Elizabeth Bagwell. The novel is an imagining of what brought her to become his mistress – big gaps in the record so it allows the novelist broad scope. It is well written, the period details are very good, quite gripping in parts and very grim when when it comes to the plague. I’m planning to review it next month (I’ve been very slack with my reviewing this year). The ending is not quite as hopeful as I like my escapist reading to be. Pepys is an important element but not the centre of the story.

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