My Reading – September 2021

Private Prosecution by Lisa Ellery
I liked what I saw.

Revenge in Rubies by AM Stuart
“…Beneath the floor of a cellar in…Hilldrop crescent, Camden-road the mutilated and battered body of a woman which had been buried in quicklime was found.”

The Satapur Moonstone by Sujata Massey
Purveen Mistry sighed, adjusting her hat on her sweating brow.

The House on Boundary Street by Tea Cooper
Dolly Bowman stared in awe at the terrace houses and the strangest shiver tiptoed down her spine.

The House on Willow Street by Cathy Kelly
Danae Rahill had long since learned that a postmistress’s job in a small town had a lot more to it than the ability to speedily process pensions or organize money transfers.

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